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/// SPOROBOLE – Résidence internationale 2015 – Québec / Canada

As part of this exchange program, a quebec artist will stay two months in one of the studios of the City of Linz and an austrian artist will perform a residency in an identical duration at Sporobole Art Center in Sherbrooke.

Videoinstallation @ Gallery Space / Loop / Sporobole – Centre en art actuel / November 2015.

During the residency in Canada I had the possibility to do some research and make some experimental and landscape videoshots in the second half of my stay. As a result I had the option to perform an installation in the gallery space of Sporobole . The sound outside through Sporobole’s sound window diffusion system is from Julien Poidevin.

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Exhibition @Gallery Space /// Sporobole – Centre en art actuel /// November 2015. Photo credits: Rainer Gamsjäger

Videos by Sporobole – Centre en art actuel /// Gaétan Desmarais

/// Rainer Gamsjaeger /// Présentation de projet from Sporobole on Vimeo.
/// Rainer Gamsjaeger /// Installation vidéo /// Résidence internationale 2015 from Sporobole on Vimeo.