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ARRAY #001 / Rainer Gamsjäger 2015
ARRAY #002 / Rainer Gamsjäger 2015
ARRAY #003 / Rainer Gamsjäger 2015
ARRAY #004 / Rainer Gamsjäger 2015
ARRAY #006 / Rainer Gamsjäger 2015
ARRAY #005 / Rainer Gamsjäger 2015

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Series 2015 / Photography / Code

Pictures taken by lonely, remote space telescopes, robotic eyes in the dark silence of the universe. These automated observers dutifully send their observations about the nature of the cosmos home regularly, over millions and billions of kilometers, just to give us every day again material for the endless discussion about where we come from, what we are and whether we are alone. These pictures are the starting material for the photographic work of Rainer Gamsjäger entitled “ARRAYS”.

God created the world in 7 days. On the 4th day, God said: “In the sky lights should illuminate. God made two great lights: the sun for the day and the moon at night. Then he made many little lights: the stars. God was pleased with the sun, moon and stars. And God saw that it was good. So the fourth day came to an end. ”

But one could have done it differently. Rainer Gamsjäger makes an alternative proposal here and in obedient fine work re-sorted this matter. Galaxies, star clusters, Milky Ways and cosmic fogs to be restructured on a pixel basis, each star is neatly and carefully disassembled and at the end the universe is built up and interpreted totally new. The universe threaded on a string of pearls, finally order, finally peace in the star structure.

And so the beauty and incredibility of the fact that the universe came from nothing – from the sudden explosion of an immensely dense point with zero volume – comes to its adequate and orderly aesthetic expression. (Marlene Haderer)